Capstone Brainstorming

My passions are being able to help people, making the world a better place, and just being there for people. One thing I dont like more than anything in the world is seeing people struggle and not do anything about it. I’d rather see people at least on their feet a little bit. I´d rather see them out doing something other than moping around not doing anything. Everyday I drive past people standing on the roads with signs saying there homeless and will work for food. Instead of going out and trying to get a job or trying to find shelter somewhere.

I feel that a major problem the community faces is that people dont really accept help. People would rather do things on their own instead of taking the help people are offering and letting people help them out. I am one of them people, I can’t lie and say i’m not but I go out everyday after school and put in my hours so I dont have to be like the rest. But if I see someone with a sign I will buy them food, or a drink even. Just something to help them get along on their way and motivate them to try and get out and do something.

The way this connects to me is I know people who went from having it all to having nothing. If I were to ever get to that point in my life I’d want people to be there for me and to help me. What I would do to help these people is find a group of people willing to donate their time and build shelters. The way I would do this is get a group of people willing to give there time and effort. Then from there we would go out with petitions and surveys asking people how they feel about the situation. After that we would take it to higher power and let it go from there. No one should feel like there alone in this world and I’d do anything to help with that. I would provide my service to the community to help make our city and the world a better place.

The Things They Carried

The book I’m reading is called “The Things They Carried” by: Tim O’Brien. It’s about soldiers fighting in wars and what they feel when they come back from the war. This book is interesting to me because you get to hear about how it has affected the soldiers post war. Some things I like about the book is how it explains all the stuff they carried in their pouches. It varied from each soldier, and the items were unique but unexpected to be carried by a soldier. Some carried comic books, others carried board games. One thing I dislike about the book is how it jumps from story to story. They go from fighting in vietnam to coming back to the united states. Other than them little things the book is very very interesting and I believe it should be read more. It sheds light on why soldiers have war tramas and why when they come back from fighting there not the same. The book contains some graphic details about what happens to soldiers, like at one point a guy was using the bathroom, was walking back to the group and got shot. But all in all the book is totally worth the purchase and worth the time it takes to read it.


My favorite holiday is New Years. This is my favorite holiday because it’s like a fresh start to the new year. Everything that happened in the past years is behind you. So you just get to forget about a lot of what happened and start fresh. New years to me means alot because I lost my great grandma on this day. so every year it’s a memory of her and it’s just a blast. I always end up super tired the next day from being up all night and not getting any sleep at all. Everyone’s usually out partying or getting drunk while i’m usually relaxing at my house, enjoying life and trying to make sure no one does anything dumb at all. In a way i’m the one that has to look out for everyone and make sure that nothing gets messed up, but then there’s times that I just let it go and let the storm play out.


Something that interest me is the way a vehicle moves. Like they require so many different things to be able to turn the motor, and get the wheels spinning. The engine requires motor oil, gasoline, collant, and so much more. The fuel is pulled to the engine from the pump then ran through a filter to turn it into a gas that is put into the engine block and pistons. When the combustion cycle starts it opens the intake valve allowing the gas and air mixture to flow into the cylinder. Then that valve closes and the piston rotates one more time and opens the exhaust valve. From the crankshaft spinning it connects to the transmission and that runs back to the drive shaft which connects to the drive axle and moves gears inside. Thus causing the wheels to spin and the vehicle to move. Vehicles are a real interest I have, and knowing how they work and function is good knowledge to have.


Image result for emoji This is my favorite emoji, because its how everyone always is around me. Im always wrapped up in anger and drama so this represents my mood pretty well.

Heros around me

The hero’s around me are people that are there in times when I need them most. Such as my friends, family, and people that can just look at me and tell something is wrong. I never really had a hero in my life, I have always been more of a “get by on your own” type of guy. If I had to choose someone as my hero, it would be my dad. He’s been solid since as long as I can remember. He’s helped me up when I fall down and kept it real with me and my sisters. We never understood a lot of the stuff he would do when we were growing up but he would always say “one day we going to get away from this mess”. I never knew he meant it till now, we dont struggle like we use to and we made it out of the hood. I know that does not really make him a hero to you, but he is one to me.


These are some pictures I got at an exotic car show in downtown Columbus. I am very passionate about cars, especially exotics. I got these pictures from my phone gallery



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I’m glad that this inspired you, and I hope you dont make the mistakes a lot of people do. And yes, people let money control them and change them in ways that hurt others. it completely sucks.

In reply to bryceh22.I mean i would if i had a car that started on first turn lol. but as you know i do not, my car got all types of problems that i cant fix yet. #junkyard











Somethings that interest me are working on cars, making money. I’ve never been the type to ask for anything, if I want it I go and get it. I have 4 sisters and I’m the middle child. I dream of become a mechanic and eventually own my own shop. Never did I expect to come as far as i have in my seventeen years of life, but I’ve accomplished a lot. I’ve learned self respect, love, power, and what money can do to a person. I’ve watched people give up on friendships and family over some money. Sometimes money is a good thing, sometimes its a bad thing, but at the end of the day that’s what the world revolves around. When you grow up in the environment that I did you learn really quick not to trust no one or nothing. Your on your own from day one no one is there to help you in tough times or tell you it’ll be alright. Above is a picture of me way back over the summer, and a picture of the car I built recently. I’ve always enjoyed working on custom cars, such as the dodge magnum 300, which is the picture shown above. What we did was take a chrysler 300 C and strip the car down, Then we bought a wreck magnum and did the same thing. We put the front end off the 300 on the magnum then sprayed it with all candy paint. The car was a major eye catcher up until we got rid of it. To this day i still miss the car very much. As you can see in the picture of me, I love my fashion, and I always dress to impress.